What we do

and Policy


We employ quantitative (questionnaire-based and online surveys), qualitative (in-depth interviews, focus groups, content analysis, etc.) and mixed-method studies to gain valid and valuable evidence.

We are committed to make sure that lived experience of vulnerable children and adults are at the center of our research.

We pay special attention to the ethical and methodological aspects of including children and adults who have experienced trauma in our research.

Our expertise in research and evidence can be used by authorities and partner organizations to develop policies, programs, guidelines and trainings that directly help to promote health and protect people from abuse and exploitation. 

and Evaluation


We develop and implement monitoring and evaluation systems and methodologies for programs and projects promoting health and protecting the rights of children and adults.

Through analysis, tracking, and reporting on relevant data and information throughout a project’s life cycle, greater transparency and accountability are achieved.

Monitoring & Evaluation provides stakeholders, community members, and donors with key evidence for all decisions and actions throughout the project. M&E data helps the involved parties learn from the successes and challenges of a project and be more adaptive.

Capacity Building
and Training


We deliver a practice-oriented training courses for professionals working in public health, education, social work, and human rights.

The following short-term courses are currently available

Creating Safe
in Organizations
Working with Children


We help turn children’s organizations into a space that is free from violence, including bullying, discrimination, emotional pressure, manipulation, fears and mistrust, a safe space for all – children and teenagers, their parents, teachers and tutors.

Together with the managers, staff members, children and their parents, we develop and help to implement ‘Child Safeguarding Policies’, i.e. sets of practical procedures to prevent, identify and respond to abuse and other unacceptable behavior in a children’s organization.

For more information, please contact us.

and Implementation
of Prevention Programs


Evidence-based intervention works, and we are constantly learning how to do better. We develop and implement prevention programmes to change people’s knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours and to achieve long-term prevention results.

We conduct a thorough needs assessment to formulate the goal and objectives of the prevention work, as well as to select the most appropriate methods and levels of influence (individual, group, community, etc.).

We select a variety of prevention methods that are appropriate for the target audience.

We implement the program and conduct program evaluation throughout the program’s life cycle, as well as upon completion of the program and further follow-up.

of Charity Programs


We assist foundations, civil society organizations, and businesses in developing and implementing innovative charity programs that improve the lives of children and adults.

What we offer:

  • Evaluate your organization’s charity / CSR program to identify strengths and areas for improvement
  • Review best domestic and international practices relevant to your charity / CSR program
  • Conduct needs assessment for your target group
  • Organize a strategic planning session for your charity / CSR program
  • Build an LFA/theory of change for your charity / CSR program
  • Design a procedure for monitoring and evaluation

For more information on our services, please contact us.


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